Canvas resources


What is Canvas?

Canvas LMS, purchased by Tech for campus-wide use and administered by the Academic Center for Technology, is in limited use this fall with widespread use — course shells to be created for every course — set for Spring 2015, contingent on integration with Tech’s Banner student information system. Use of Canvas is optional on the part of faculty.

What about Distance Education’s own Course Portal?

All courses formally hosted on the DE Course Portal will now reside on Canvas.

What are the features of Canvas?

It has a central calendar that keeps track of assignments for all of their courses. It includes features for uploading homework, participating in discussion groups, taking quizzes, collaborating on documents, accessing all of their course materials, and communicating with faculty and other students.

What will happen to Moodle?

Previously, there have been two installations of Moodle at Tech: one operated by the Distance Education Department, the other by the former Tech Computer Center (now Information Technology and Communications (ITC). Distance Education has already discontinued use of its Moodle along with its Course Portal; ITC’s will continue for one year beyond that.

Why was the decision made to adopt Canvas?

Canvas provides a robust feature list while remaining  intuitive to the user. It lends itself very well to online collaboration and communication.

What other universities use Canvas?

Canvas is used by more than 600 colleges, universities, and school districts. It was selected by the Cisco Networking Academy to power “the world’s largest classroom.” Among universities using Canvas are the University of Washington, Dartmouth, University of Colorado, eCornell, University of Maryland, Brown University, San Jose State, University of Central Florida, Michigan Tech, Webster University, Auburn University, and Northwestern University. In New Mexico, New Mexico State University uses Canvas.

How do I start with Canvas?

The plan is for course “shells” to be created for all courses this spring.  Students will be enrolled in courses automatically. Note that the decision to use Canvas is made by the instructor of the course; check with the instructor if you are uncertain if your course will be offered on Canvas.

Where can I learning more about Canvas?

The upper-right-hand corner of this pages has links to a host of online resources. All resources are also available from the Help menu within Canvas. From that menu you can access a Help Ticket system to get direct assistance. In addition, please email us at with your questions.

What departments will be administering Canvas?

The Academic Center for Technology (ACT) , formerly Educational Outreach and Distance Instruction, will administer Canvas campus-wide. ACT also continues to operate Tech’s Distance Education Program. The Information Technology and Communications (ITC) Department will be responsible for enrolling students in the courses.